Transit-Oriented Development Planning

GoTriangle is collaborating with the Town of Chapel Hill, the City of Durham, and the Triangle J Council of Governments (TJCOG) in an exciting effort to develop walkable neighborhoods that enhance Durham and Chapel Hill's existing communities and leverage the high-quality transit network that will be provided by the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit project. We are working with outside experts, local elected officials and neighborhood leaders to help design neighborhoods that best meet the various goals of the local communities.

Visit this page for updates on the latest progress of the study, copies of presentations given to local elected officials and other reports, and upcoming opportunities for the public to share input into the study.

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Latest updates

  • NEW: Staff from the Town of Chapel Hill and the consultant team gathered input from members of Chapel Hill advisory boards on how to best make sure that station areas produce transit-oriented development that reflects the community‚Äôs goals and provides benefits to the entire Town. The presentation given at this joint advisory board meeting, which was held on Monday, October 16, 2017, is available here.

  • The Transit-Oriented Development team has released a Market Study and Demand Forecast for the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit corridor with accompanying appendices. This economic analysis predicts the magnitude of new growth that is reasonable to expect within the areas around light rail stations. The report uses historic growth data in the region and forecasts of growth to provide a range of estimates regarding the economic development potential of these station areas.

  • On Monday, May 8, 2017, the consultant team and Triangle J Council of Governments hosted a developer breakfast at the Research Triangle Foundation headquarters. Following brief presentations by the consultant team and local planners, local developers and affordable housing experts held a panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities for doing development in Chapel Hill and Durham, and the region's readiness for equitable transit-oriented development that brings opportunity for people across the income spectrum. Information gathered from this meeting will help guide the development of realistic land-use plans for each of the station areas.

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About the Project

Along with the specific events listed here, the project team has held numerous discussions with local staff in many government departments to move the project forward. In particular, staff at the Town, City, GoTriangle, and TJCOG have worked extensively on the issue of affordable housing within transit station areas with the consultant team, which includes local affordable housing expert Karen Lado. The team has also investigated potential joint development opportunities around station areas.

This effort is largely funded by $2.1 million grant awarded by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to help plan the station areas around the D-O LRT Project, which is projected to open in 2028. The project is anticipated to be completed by spring 2018, although station-area planning efforts will continue until the light-rail line opens and thereafter.