Research Triangle Park (March 4, 2020) – March is telework month, and GoTriangle has all of the information a business needs to develop and improve options to allow employees to work from home. 


“Telework is a strategy that is good for the company and good for the employee and community,” says Shelly Parker, Employer Services Manager at GoTriangle, which began helping businesses develop telework programming more than a decade ago. “Telework is a great option to help businesses reach their goals for the triple bottom line.”


Allowing employees to work from home during inclement weather and cold and flu season results in improved continuity of business. Teleworking is also known to improve employee recruitment, increase employee productivity and help work-life balance.


GoTriangle, in partnership with Triangle J Council of Governments, and Best Workplaces for Commuters provide free resources and consulting services to assist employers in developing telework programs and pilots.


More information for individuals and businesses interested in starting or expanding a telework program can be found at



About GoTriangle Employer Services
GoTriangle’s Employer Services Department offers transportation expertise and complimentary assistance to businesses, residential communities and commercial properties to give them a competitive edge and to help improve transportation amenities and commuter benefits. These services and programs have significant impacts on commuting patterns, traffic congestion, personal health and air quality in the Triangle. Our grant-funded services, programs and materials are provided through a partnership of municipalities and public transportation agencies. The services and outcomes are referred to as transportation demand management or TDM.

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