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We care about your safety and comfort from the moment you arrive at the bus stop to the time you disembark. Let us know how we can make your experience better. 

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ODX_1_0.pngNorth Hillsborough Park & Ride
*Served by GoTriangle ODX
In November 2015, GoTriangle announced that we would no longer be able to use the North Hillsborough Park-and-Ride. At that time we were hopeful that we would have a solution in place by early 2017. As of December 2016, we have exhausted opportunities to lease space. Building a new lot is a lengthy process and we apologize for the delay. We will continue to keep you updated of the ongoing process of finding a new Park-and-Ride in North Hillsborough.

Renaissance Park & Ride
Served by GoTriangle Route 800 and 800S
Renaissance is a free park-and-ride, located in front of the HomeGoods along Renaissance Parkway. To access, enter shopping center at traffice center near Tomato Jake's Pizzeria, turn right in front of Harvest 18, and then turn right into designated park-and-ride spaces.

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Transit Service Planning

What we do 

The transit service planning staff are responsible for developing and analyzing bus route and schedule plans, including near-future transit service alternatives, intermediate-range service plans, and long-range service concepts. They also analyze and assist in the preparation of transit schedules and fare policies and are responsible for adding and improving bus stop amenities.


We would love your feedback on any aspect of GoTriangle service, including improving current routes or suggesting new routes or stop locations.

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Service Changes

GoTriangle typically updates bus service twice a year as new routes are rolled out and existing routes are adjusted. 

Current Approved Changes 


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Frequently Asked Questions

This section is under development. If you have any questions related to bus stops or service planning, please email

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