• Dec 12 2017

    GoTriangle: Weekday Events at the PNC Arena

    Exiting during events:
    On nights when there are evening events, commuters can leave the property out of any open exit between 4-5:30pm. At 5:30pm, Gate A will be opened up and staffed for incoming and exiting traffic and Gate B will be closed.

    December 2017
    Wed 13 TSO 7:30pm
    Fri 15 NC State Graduation 9am
    Tue 19 State vs. Robert Morris 7pm
    Fri 22 State vs. Jacksonville 7pm
    Wed 27 Canes vs. Montreal 7pm
    Fri 29 Canes vs. Pittsburgh 7:30pm

    January 2018
    Tues 2 Canes vs. Washington 7pm
    Thur 11 State vs. Clemson * 9pm
    Fri 12 Canes vs. Washington 7:30pm
    Thur 18 State vs. Wake Forest * 8pm
    Thur 25 Marvel Universe: Show 1 7pm
    Fri 26 Marvel Universe: Show 2 11am
    Fri 26 Marvel Universe: Show 3 7pm
    Tues 30 Canes vs. Ottawa 7pm

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