• Apr 28 2017

    GoTriangle: Route 100, April 28-30

    Event: Full Street Closure of Hillsborough Street (between Brooks Ave and Faircloth St) due to construction work
    Date: Starts Friday, April 28, 8pm, through Sunday, April 30
    Route Affected: Route 100

    Bus Stop Closures:
    Eastbound: Hillsborough St at Friendly Dr. #8273, Hillsborough St at Stanhope Ave. #8598, and Hillsborough St at Turner St. #8597
    Westbound: Hillsborough St at Friendly Dr. #8241 and Hillsborough St at Shepherd St. #8584

    Alternate Bus Stops:
    Eastbound: Hillsborough at Horne St #8276
    Westbound to RTC: Hillsborough at Horne St #8238 or Hillsborough St at Faircloth St. #8586

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  • Apr 17 2017

    Weekday Events at the PNC Arena

    Exiting during events:
    On nights when there are evening events, commuters can leave the property out of any open exit between 4-5:30pm. At 5:30pm, Gate A will be opened up and staffed for incoming and exiting traffic and Gate B will be closed.

    April 2017
    Thur 27 I Love the 90's Tour 7:00
    Fri 28 Outcry Tour 7:00

    Mary 2017
    Wed 24 The Chainsmokers 7:00

  • Feb 14 2017

    GoTriangle: Route 100/105/CRX/DRX Bus Stop Closure

    Event: Hillsborough St Phase II Construction

    Explanation: Stop closures will occur on both sides of Hillsborough St between Shepherd St and Gardner St.

    The Hillsborough St at Brooks Ave stops on both sides of the street and serving Routes 100, 105, CRX, and DRX will be closed for the life of the project. The nearest safe location for boarding and alighting is Hillsborough St at Horne St. Additional information on the renewal project can be found at https://hillsboroughst.raleighnc.gov/.  

    Routes: Route 100, 105, CRX, DRX  


    Bus Stop Closures:          

    Hillsborough St at Brooks Ave (Stop ID #8274)

    Hillsborough St at Brooks Ave (Stop ID # 8240)  


    Alternate Bus Stops:            

    Hillsborough St at Horne St (Stop ID #8276)          

    Hillsborough St at Horne St (Stop ID #8238)  


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