GoTriangle board increases pay for maintenance and operations staff


GoTriangle’s Board of Trustees on Wednesday, Sept. 28, approved a new compensation policy for the agency’s maintenance and operations staff, increasing the starting pay for bus operators by $2 an hour while providing a pay increase for current bus operators. The new pay structure went into effect Sept. 25, 2022, and staff will see an increase in their Oct. 14 payroll.

“GoTriangle’s board members are happy to approve this compensation package of increased salaries,” says GoTriangle Board Chair Sig Hutchinson. “We are fully supportive of the transit operations staff and respect all they do every day to get riders where they need to go safely with courtesy and kindness. This package is well deserved.”

The new pay policy – worked out with input from operators and maintenance staff as well management – is designed to retain current employees and attract new employees amid a national bus operator shortage that has hit all transit agencies hard during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This new pay package addresses not just our potential new employees, but also rewards our loyal employees who have worked tirelessly and under difficult conditions to keep our buses running during the pandemic,” says GoTriangle’s president and CEO Charles Lattuca.

“The package is based on transparency and pay for performance and addresses compression issues so that all front-line operations staff – including operators, mechanics and service attendants – gain a pay increase relative to their seniority,” he says. “GoTriangle has been working hard to overcome this nationwide shortage of transit operators. In doing so we've created a top-notch training program for those who want to start a career in operations but do not have a CDL license. Addressing compensation internally and externally, is another step towards our goal.”

GoTriangle formerly offered bus operators $17 an hour starting pay, with a percentage increase based on merit after years one, two and three. The new pay policy offers a starting pay of $19 an hour with a guaranteed rate of $20.38, $21.93 and $24.61 an hour, respectively after years one, two and three of employment. And by the end of the fourth year and thereafter, a bus operator will receive a merit-based increase.

In addition to their salaries, bus operators would also be eligible for GoTriangle’s existing safety and customer service bonuses.

GoTriangle already offers a generous benefits package – and together with this new pay structure – the agency will be more competitive in recruiting, says Christy Winstead, GoTriangle’s Benefit and Rewards Manager.

“We are known for our great benefits that promote our employees’ health and well-being,” Winstead says. “Our range of outstanding benefits and new pay structure will attract new employees and motivate our current employees to stay. Despite the national operator shortage, we’re poised to advance in a positive direction.”

The new pay policy also addresses compensation for other front-line employees, including service attendants, who will have a three-year guaranteed rate structure and merit pay after four years. Dispatchers, transit service supervisors, maintenance supervisors and mechanics, who also been hard to hire during the pandemic, will also see pay increases.


Contact: Eric Curry, Chief Communications Officer, 919-632-9326