Residential Outreach

GoTriangle TDM Partners are focused on ensuring that community members affected by population growth, land use issues and parking demand are aware of ways to save money on auto travel and parking and cut down on the stress of commuting in traffic. GoTriangle can help! 

Whether you live in a downtown area, in a neighborhood or in an apartment complex, we have the information you need to make informed decisions about travel and commuting in the Triangle. We can help you find not only routes to and from work but also ways to run errands and get to schools and other destinations for personal and weekend travel in and around the community. 

Think about those drive-alone trips that you could make using transit or ride-sharing or perhaps biking or walking. You would feel better and get outside a little more. 

Your individual travel choices are instrumental in effecting change throughout our communities. Alternate and sustainable commute modes, regardless of the purpose, will help to reduce traffic congestion and improve mobility in and between Triangle counties and even help to improve our health through active commuting.Try it! You’ll like it!

Contact a TDM Outreach Representative in your area for more information.