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Individualized Assistance

  • With GoTriangle Individualized Assistance, we give our ridership a personal step-by-step process on how our transit system works. With so many people moving to this area, we’ve tried to alleviate the hassle of getting around by walking potential transit userd through their options - be it bus, carpool, vanpool and even finding a park-and-ride lot.



  • We agree that the best commute is no commute, even if it's not every day. Employees can telework part time, full time, just occasionally or only during emergency conditions. Whether you’re an employer considering a telework option or an employee hoping to have the option, we’ve got resources to get you started.

Emergency Ride Home

  • ERH provides commuters, who regularly carpool, vanpool, bike, walk or use transit, with a reliable ride home for emergencies. ERH is available when you or a family member gets sick or has a severe crisis, your carpool/vanpool has to leave early or stay late, or you must work unscheduled overtime. Learn more.

Emergency Preparedness

  • Prepare now to avoid lost productivity, time and money during a natural disaster, inclement weather, worksite evacuation or other emergencies by reviewing and incorporating commuting options and coordinated telework programming as part of your continuity planning.


  • Share the Ride NC (STRNC) is a statewide website that was created to help form carpools and vanpools. It is provided free of charge in support of the effort to improve air quality. In addition to providing rideshare matching services such as carpool and vanpool options, STRNC houses the free Emergency Ride Home program, the Commute Calendar tool, Single Trip Matching tool, and the GoPerks incentive program. Visit to learn more.