We are taking a great vanpool program and making it even better by partnering with Enterprise Rideshare. On March 28, 2018, GoTriangle's Board of Trustees authorized contracting with Enterprise to manage our vanpool program. Enterprise's expertise in fleet management, award-winning customer service, and existing relationships with employers throughout the region are the perfect combination to grow GoTriangle's vanpool program. For more information about the change, check our FAQ page

Join a current vanpool or choose to start your own!

  1. Visit www.strnc.org to see if there’s a vanpool you can join.
  2. You can also go online to vanpool.com and fill out an inquiry form and we will contact you.
  3. If you don’t find a vanpool that’s perfect for you or if you’re interested in starting a new vanpool, contact Enterprise Rideshare at 1-800-VAN-4-WORK and a local representative can assist you. 

Worried about finding a ride in an emergency? We've got you covered. You simply need to sign up for the free Emergency Ride Home Program so you can get a taxicab or a rental car home in case of an unexpected event. 

Want to encourage fellow employees to join your Vanpool? Check out our "Riders Wanted" flier.

Not sure about vanpool? Give carpool a try!

Join our online ride-matching service. When you register, you get a FREE list of matches - people who live and work near you with similar work hours. And they're interested in carpooling, just like you.