Proposed Service Changes

Routes Affected: 800, 805, 420 and CRX

In line with the recommendations included in its Short-Range Transit Plan, GoTriangle would streamline Route 800 to improve on-time performance and to make it easier for riders to transfer to other routes at the Regional Transit Center. In an ongoing effort to coordinate its service with neighboring transit agencies, GoDurham would revise Routes 12 and 12B to serve NC 54, allowing GoTriangle Route 800 to stay on I-40 at all times.

Creating a stop for Route CRX at MLK Boulevard at Perkins Drive in Chapel Hill would establish a transfer point for Route 420 users, making it easier to commute from northern Orange County into Raleigh.

Comments will be accepted until Oct. 4, 2019

GoTriangle would like your feedback on these proposed service changes. This feedback will be incorporated into the final changes, which GoTriangle’s Board of Trustees will vote on in October. These changes would be implemented Jan. 25, 2020.

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    Durham, NC 27703

Route 800

800 mapThis proposal would revise the routing between Streets at Southpoint mall and the Regional Transit Center so Route 800 could use I-40 at all times, providing a fast, consistent connection that is easy to understand.

  • Outbound from RTC, Route 800 would continue straight on Emperor Boulevard, make a right onto Page Road and merge onto I-40 at Exit 282 westbound to Exit 276 at Fayetteville Road / Southpoint.
  • Inbound to RTC, Route 800 would get onto I-40 from Southpoint at Exit 276 and travel to Exit 282 at Page Road, going straight on Emperor Boulevard, left onto Slater Road and right into the Regional Transit Center.
  • Route 800 would not serve NC 54 in the Fayetteville Road – Miami Boulevard section in Durham.
  • Service on NC 54 in the Fayetteville Road – Miami Boulevard section would still be available on weekdays and Saturdays on GoDurham Route 12 (hourly between NC 54 at NC 55 and Fayetteville Road via Falls Pointe at the Park Apartments), GoDurham Route 12B (hourly between NC 54 at NC 55 and RTC) and GoTriangle Route 805 during weekday rush hours only.
  • GoDurham Route 12 would provide night and Sunday service between NC 54 at Alston Avenue and Fayetteville Road. No night and Sunday service would be provided on NC 54 between NC 54 at Alston Avenue and the RTC due to low ridership.
  • Route 800 frequency would not change.

Route 805

GoTriangle is proposing adding one trip on Fridays only connecting the NC 54 at Alston Ave time point, departing at 2:44 p.m., with the Regional Transit Center, arriving at 2:55 p.m. and serving all the stops along the way.

Route 420 / CRX

At Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard and Perkins Drive in Chapel Hill, the CRX would add a stop and GoTriangle Route 420’s stop there would become a time point to make it easier to transfer between the routes. Other minor schedule changes would be implemented on Route 420.

  • A new stop would be added to Route CRX at Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard at Chapel Hill North (at Perkins Drive, STOP IDs: 3402 NB and 3606 SB) in Chapel Hill without needing to modify the route or adjust the schedule. Those who commute between Hillsborough and Raleigh via Route 420 would be able to make easy and well-timed connections there to and from Route CRX during peak periods. The stop would become a time point for Route 420, meaning the bus would never leave before its scheduled departure time. In both a.m. and p.m., passengers would have to cross the boulevard and catch the bus coming in the opposite direction in order to transfer between Routes 420 and CRX and vice versa.
  • Churton Street at North Hills Shopping Center (Stop ID: 1757) would no longer serve as a time point for Route 420 because it is not a safe location for layovers and private traffic tends to back up there. More time for layovers would be added at the Churton Street at Margaret Lane (Orange County Courthouse) time point (Stop ID: 1762), and Cornelius Street (US 70) at Rainey Avenue (Stop ID: 1876) would become an additional time point.
  • When entering service in the a.m. and p.m. at Manning Drive at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, Route 420 would pick up passengers at all stops on Mason Farm Road, Jackson Circle and East Drive.
  • When entering service in the a.m. and p.m. at Cornelius Street (US 70) at Rainey Avenue in Hillsborough, Route 420 would pick up passengers at all stops on Churton Street.