GoTriangle’s changes to airport service will remain in place until further notice

Because of the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic was having on travel patterns, GoTriangle replaced most of its daytime bus service to Raleigh-Durham International Airport with a shuttle service in October 2020. GoTriangle wants to continue that arrangement.

GoTriangle’s Route 105 and Route 100 had traveled the same route between downtown Raleigh and the Regional Transit Center except that Route 100 stopped at the airport. With the RDU Shuttle service in place, Route 100 now stops at RDU only nights, Sundays and holidays, and Route 105 has been temporarily suspended.

In its recommendation to continue the arrangement, GoTriangle considered the uncertainty that continues to surround the pandemic and the fact that the trip on Route 100 for daytime riders is 10 minutes shorter now for those traveling between Raleigh and the Regional Transit Center.

From the RTC, daytime air travelers can catch the RDU Shuttle, which runs every 30 minutes, to the airport.

Because these changes will have been in place for more than a year in October, federal guidelines require that the public have a chance to comment before the decision is made to continue them.

If you have any questions or feedback concerning this continued suspension, please email us at or call 919-485-7433 from Sept. 20 through Oct. 20.

Please find maps and schedules for Route 100 and the RDU Shuttle here.


Temporary Service Reduction

Due to a shortage of bus operators that is affecting transit agencies across the country, GoTriangle will temporarily reduce service on these routes beginning June 13:

  • Route 300: Minor schedule changes
  • Route 301: Suspended until further notice
  • Route 305: Revised schedule
  • Route 310: Revised schedule with service every 60 minutes all day
  • Route 800: Minor schedule changes with all short trips between UNC-CH and Streets at Southpoint mall (Route 800S) suspended until further notice
  • Route 805: Service reduced to every 60 minutes
  • Routes CRX and DRX: Minor schedule changes with some trips suspended until further notice

View the map and schedules below.

Covid-related service changes UPDATE

GoTriangle Routes 311 and NRX serve primarily commuters traveling to Research Triangle Park, those routes have been suspended since March 2020 due to the COVID pandemic. Most RTP businesses overwhelmingly still have employees working from home, so GoTriangle has decided to suspend the routes indefinitely with every intention of bringing them back when demand returns. Because the routes will have been on hiatus for more than a year this March, federal guidelines require that the public have a chance to comment on the suspension. If you have any questions or feedback concerning this continued suspension, please email us through Feb. 20 at or call 919-485-7433.

Route 105 will temporarily stop service as well. Route 105 customers can use Route 100, which will be adjusted to provide a similar travel time and will serve the airport only after 6:30pm and all day Sunday. An RDU shuttle will provide service between the RTC and the airport Monday through Saturday until 6:30pm.


View the map and schedules below.


RDU Shuttle

Route 100

GoTriangle - Approved Service Changes for October 2020

Thank you for providing GoTriangle with your feedback on proposed service changes during the virtual public outreach efforts from April 17-June 12, 2020. The feedback was incorporated into the final service change recommendations that was presented to the GoTriangle Board of Trustees on June 24, 2020.

The Board of Trustees approved the recommended service changes effective Sunday, October 11, 2020.

The pdfs of the new schedules will be posted on this page at least 2 weeks prior to the service change.

Final Service Change Recommendation

The Board of Trustees received the following materials at the June 24, 2020 meeting.

Highlight of Approved Changes for Oct 2020

  • Route 300 – Operate between Cary and Raleigh only

  • Route 305 – Expand peak hour service to Holly Springs

  • Route 310 – Expand service to more destinations in Morrisville and Cary

  • Route 800 – Serve Streets at Southpoint in Durham from a bus stop on Renaissance Parkway

  • Route FRX- Replace Hilltop Food Lion Park-and-Ride with the new Wake Tech South Park-and-Ride facility, constructed by Wake Tech.

Description of service change 

  • Route 300 would operate between Cary Depot and GoRaleigh Station.  
  • Service between Cary Depot and the Regional Transit Center (RTC) would be provided by Route 310.  
  • The State Government complex would be served at bus stops near Salisbury St and Morgan St in downtown Raleigh.  
  • Timed transfers would be scheduled at Cary Depot with GoCary routes at all times and schedules would be coordinated at GoRaleigh Station with Route 305 so departures along Western Blvd would be every 15 minutes.  

Reasons for change 

  • Route 310 would replace the Route 300 service between RTC and Cary Depot. 
  • Ridership to State Government complex is low. Eliminating the State Government loop makes the trip travel times faster for people traveling from GoRaleigh Station to Cary Depot. 
  • It’s a simple route pattern that can be operated at all times.  


The following maps show the proposed inbound and outbound routings for Route 300.  

Figure 1: Route 300 Proposed Service (Inbound) 

Route 300 Inbound

Figure 2: Route 300 Proposed Service (Outbound) 

Route 300 | Outbound

Description of service change 

The Route 305 is currently a weekday peak-hour service from Apex to Raleigh.  

  • Extend route to Holly Springs with a peak commute hour service from a bus stop and park and ride in Holly Springs.
  • Serve Apex at bus stops on Hughes St at Compare Foods and Apex Peakway near Walmart and Cambridge Village senior housing.
  • Serve three park and rides: Ting Park in Holly Springs, Compare Foods in Apex and at Lake Pine Plaza in Apex.
  • Serve Waverly Place Shopping Center with stops on Tryon Road in Cary.
  • Serve State Government complex at bus stops near Salisbury St and Morgan St in downtown Raleigh.

Reasons for change 

  • Expand service to Apex as defined in the Wake Transit Plan approved in 2016.
  • The service expansion to Holly Springs supports the Wake Transit Plan goal of Serve All Wake county Communities. Analysis of commute patterns show that many Holly Springs residents within 3 miles of Ting Park park-and-ride work near bus stops served by the Route 305.
  • Eliminating the State Government loop makes the trip travel times faster for people getting on a GoRaleigh Station and travelling towards Apex.


 Alignment for Route 305 Inbound to Raleigh

Route 305 | Inbound


Alignment for Route 305 Outbound from Raleigh

Route 305 | Outbound

Description of service change 

  • Extend Route 310 to Cary Depot to serve more destinations in Morrisville and Cary
  • Serve Park West Village and other stops along McCrimmon Pkwy, Evans Rd, Weston Pkwy and Chapel Hill Rd.
  • Operate every 30-minutes during peak hours and hourly during midday and evenings between RTC and Cary

Reasons for change 

  • The Wake Transit Plan identified a need for all-day weekday service to Morrisville. Additional evening and weekend service will be provided in FY 2025.
  • Provides consistent connections from Morrisville and Cary to the Regional Transit Center where connections to other regional routes can be made.

 Approved Route 310 alignment 

Route 310 | InboundNOTE: Not all bus stops are shown on the map. 


Description of service change 

The City of Durham and GoTriangle have coordinated with the Streets at Southpoint as they construct a bus stop on Renaissance Parkway to serve the shopping center. Once the new bus stop is completed, GoTriangle and GoDurham buses will no longer enter the mall property. The park and ride spaces will be relocated closer to Renaissance Parkway. Southpoint will be installing bus stop amenities (shelter, bench, trash can) and the City of Durham has installed a bus lane on Renaissance Parkway to ensure safe and efficient operations at the stop. The Route 800 and 800S will serve the bus stop on the side of the street as the shopping center only, which requires a realignment of the bus route. The bus will travel westbound for both the trips going east towards Chapel Hill and west towards the Regional Transit Center.  

Effective Date 

Anticipated to be August 3 dependent on construction.

Table 4: Route 800 Eastbound Routing 

Table 5: Route 800 Westbound Routing 

Table 6: Route 800S Routing 

FRX Board Meeting Materials

Highlight of Approved Change

  • Replace Hilltop Food Lion Park-and-Ride with the new Wake Tech South Park-and-Ride facility, constructed by Wake Tech. | 9312 Daffodil Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603

Reasons for change

  • Desire by the public and Town of Fuquay-Varina for direct connection to Wake Tech Southern Wake Campus
  • Provide a facility better suited for park-and-ride customers which include bus shelter and waiting area at the bus stop
  • Eliminate interaction with vehicle traffic by using a dedicated road to the facility rather than a parking lot as seen at Hilltop