Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes starting a new commute can be confusing, so here are answers to the most common questions we get. Still confused? Give us a call at 919-485-RIDE (7433)!

What’s the best way to plan a trip?

Choose from several options:

Can I view my bus in real time?

Yes, you can! There are several ways, whether you are on a smartphone or desktop or want to send a quick text:

  • Download the UMO or MyRide app to locate your bus in real time. 
  • Text “GOLIVE R (Route #) S (Stop ID)” to 41411 to get a reply with your bus arrival time. Your stop ID can be found on the bus stop sign.

How do I pay and how much does it cost to ride the bus?

You can pay with exact fare, ticket, transfer receipt or pass. Fare differs based on your particular trip. Learn about passes and buy some online on our Fares & Passes page.

Where do I call if my bus is late?

You can call 919-485-RIDE (7433). You can also see major delays, detours and schedule changes on the TransLoc Rider app or by following us on Twitter.

Are buses wheelchair accessible?

All GoTriangle buses are wheelchair accessible. Riders with a disability that prevents them from using the fixed-route bus service may qualify for GoTriangle ACCESS paratransit services.

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Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts for those who are disabled, youths and seniors. Learn more on our Discount Fare Qualifications page. We also provide discounted passes to employees at certain universities and businesses that have partnerships with us. Learn more here. Taking a child on her first transit trip? Check out our kids page!

Why is the bus driving on the shoulder of the highway?

Don't be alarmed if you see a bus driving on the shoulder! It’s the BOSS at work for you! The Bus on Shoulder System allows authorized transit buses with trained drivers to operate on the shoulders of selected freeways at low speeds in order to bypass congested traffic and maintain transit schedules. This is a low-cost treatment that can provide immediate benefits to transit whenever travel is experiencing moderate to heavy degrees of congestion.

Currently, GoTriangle Routes 100, 800, CRX, and DRX take advantage of the BOSS program. Authorized transit buses can travel on the shoulder at speeds up to 35 mph, as long the bus stays within 15 mph of general purpose travel speeds. Shoulder use for emergencies will continue to take precedence over BOSS operation.

Can I take my bike on the bus?

Most area buses are equipped with bike racks on the front of the vehicle. These easy-to-use bike racks can hold two bikes and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Learn more here.

I have suggestions, compliments or complaints about my bus route, transit amenities or driver.

We always love to hear your feedback! The best way to have your voice heard is by filling out a Feedback form. Interested in upcoming or ongoing projects? Head over to our Planning page.

What happens to my bus if the weather is bad?

At GoTriangle, safety is our first priority. First, check our Adverse Weather Plan. If you want the most up-to-date information, call 919-485-RIDE or follow us on Twitter. Please be aware that there are certain holidays when GoTriangle doesn't operate or runs reduced service.

I'm pretty passionate about transit. Any tips?

That's awesome! We are always looking for new employees, whether you want to get behind the wheel or plan the routes. Check out our openings on our Careers page. Looking for more of a volunteer opportunity? We think you might like our Transit Ambassador program

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