GoTriangle Internships

Not all internships are created equally, with some involving more messenger deliveries and coffee runs than worthwhile work experience. Some don’t even pay. At GoTriangle, however, interns and apprentices gain valuable work experience, get to contribute to real projects and get paid.

Paid internship opportunities can occur in the following departments:

  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Operations (mechanic internships are among those opportunities offered)
  • Service Planning
  • Marketing & Communication

Joi Rogers Story

Intership story

Interested in an internship with GoTriangle?

There are two ways to become an intern at GoTriangle:

  1. Check out our listings and apply for an open internship position.
  2. Apply to the Public Transportation Internship/Apprenticeship Program available through the N.C Department of Transportation grant. Apply directly on the NCDOT website for more information, including deadlines and length of internship.