Project Updates

Council of State approves university light-rail property donations

Posted Oct 10, 2018

The N.C. Council of State has authorized UNC-Chapel Hill and NC Central University to convey right of way easements, permanent utility easements and temporary construction easements to GoTriangle for construction of Durham and Orange counties’ light-rail project. The council voted Oct. 2 to approve...Read more
Durham County dedicates additional transit revenue to help reduce light-rail funding gap

Posted Oct 09, 2018

Durham and Orange counties’ boards of commissioners proposed in August updating their Cost-Sharing Agreement to provide an additional $57.6 million in voter-approved, dedicated transit revenue from Durham County to help close an additional funding gap for the light-rail project. The previous...Read more
What happened with this year’s state budget?

Posted Sep 12, 2018

The General Assembly amended budget language that would have made it nearly impossible for Durham and Orange counties’ light-rail project to secure the $1.2 billion federal investment needed to build the project. According to the technical correction, the light-rail project would be eligible for a...Read more