GoTriangle’s project to modernize and expand its maintenance and operations facility moves ahead in design

Project positions GoTriangle to serve and maintain the fleet necessary for future service increases included in Wake, Durham and Orange Counties’ Transit Plans

Planning and design work for the Nelson Road Bus Maintenance and Operations Facility Modernization and Expansion project recently reached a milestone – completion of 15 percent schematic or preliminary design. This project was identified as a priority in the Regional Fleet and Facilities Study to ensure that GoTriangle will have capacity to service and maintain the fleet necessary for future service increases included in the Wake, Durham and Orange Counties’ Transit Plans. The project will have a useful life of 40-plus years and will accommodate a future fixed-route fleet of 120 vehicles.

Project designed to improve employees’ quality of life

In addition to expanding capacity, updating vehicle access and movement and improving work spaces, the project emphasizes upgrading employee spaces – such as locker rooms, break spaces and training facilities – and creating fitness facilities. These moves are designed to improve employee quality of life and support the well-being of our transit operators, dispatchers, mechanics and service attendants and others who work there. The project builds on the GoTriangle BOMF assessment completed in 2018, an evaluation of potential onsite and offsite expansion options and a thorough review of programmatic and space needs for maintenance, storage, fueling and servicing capacity over the course of 2022.

The next steps for the project include more design and engineering work, securing construction funding (including federal grants) and reaching out to Transit Operations staff to inform the design and feel of the facility. These activities will occur over the next two years with construction occurring in the following years. 

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