Starting Sunday, June 28, all GoTriangle routes except the North Raleigh Express (Route NRX) and Routes 310 and 311 will return to their regular schedules.

Weekday-only routes including the CRX, DRX, ODX and Route 300 will return Monday, June 29.

GoTriangle Routes FRX, WRX and ZWX are run by GoRaleigh and won't return until Monday, July 6. This is also the day Route 420 will return to its full schedule.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, GoTriangle has been running Saturday levels of service on weekdays and Sunday levels on weekends.

GoTriangle will continue to suspend fares and ask customers who are able to use only the rear door to aid in social distancing for our bus operators.

To help reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, Orange County, Durham County and the cities of Durham and Raleigh have mandated that residents cover their faces in public, including on public transit. Beginning Monday, June 22, GoTriangle will require passengers, with a few exceptions, to wear face coverings as well.  

For those who may not have a covering, GoTriangle will offer free reusable cloth masks to transit riders from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, June 22, at the Regional Transfer Center. One cloth mask will be provided per person while supplies last. Follow us on Twitter @GoTriangle to find out about more distribution opportunities later in the week.

These actions follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s strong recommendation that everyone use cloth face coverings in public. Face coverings may include a medical or homemade mask, a scarf or bandana. The CDC has provided information on how to make a mask here.

GoTriangle is committed to continuing all of its pandemic-related cleaning procedures, with each bus being deep-cleaned and fogged with disinfectant daily and high-touch areas being sanitized several times a day. GoTriangle also provides hand sanitizer on every bus.

GoTriangle continues to monitor all recommendations coming from the CDC and local and state health departments. Please check for updates from the CDC here.

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