The GoTriangle Board of Trustees relies heavily upon its committees to review and make recommendations on issues to the full board. The officers of the board serve as the committee chairs. Meetings take place in the Board Room at 4600 Emperor Blvd., Suite 100, Durham NC 27703. 

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee handles personnel matters related to the president and CEO, General Counsel and the Clerk to the Board, as well as general personnel matters that might arise. Sig Hutchinson chairs the committee, and members are Vivian Jones, Michael Parker and Steve Schewel.

Planning and Legislative Committee

The Planning and Legislative Committee (P&L) oversees the agency's activities related to corridor and regional transit planning as well as land use, agency goals and intergovernmental relations. The committee also identifies and prioritizes the board’s expectations for GoTriangle’s communications strategy. The committee meets the fourth (4th) Wednesday of each month, immediately following the Board of Trustees meeting. Will Allen III chairs the committee, and members are Michael Fox, Sig Hutchinson, Wendy Jacobs, Mark Marcoplos and Nina Szlosberg-Landis.

Operations and Finance Committee

The Operations and Finance Committee (O&F) is responsible for the annual budget and audit as well as other finance and accounting matters. O&F also handles issues related to service — including planning, routes, fares, marketing and ridesharing. This committee also hears items involving facility design, the Special Tax Board, short-range planning, system start-up, by-laws, contracts and employee benefits. The committee meets the fourth (4th) Wednesday of each month from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. Vivian Jones chairs the committee, and members are Corey Branch, Valerie Jordan, Michael Parker, Ellen Reckhow, Jennifer Robinson and Steve Schewel.

Special Tax Board

The Special Tax Board consists of two members appointed from the Boards of County Commissioners of Durham, Orange and Wake counties. The current members include James Hill and Ellen Reckhow from the Durham County Board of County Commissioners; Earl McKee and Renee Price from the Orange County Board of County Commissioners; and Sig Hutchinson and James West from the Wake County Board of County Commissioners.

The Special Tax Board meets in January each year to elect officers; additional meetings may be called.  Meetings take place in the Board Room at 4600 Emperor Blvd., Suite 100, Durham NC 27703.  Next meeting:  Tuesday, January 28, 2019, 3:00 p.m.

Transit Advisory Committee

The GoTriangle Board of Trustees appointed 30 people to the Transit Advisory Committee, with 14 from Wake County, nine from Durham and seven from Orange. Keeping a regional focus, members will help keep the board informed of community issues so that our high-quality transit network better serves the needs of our entire region. Committee members will; provide advice and feedback to the board during planning for public transportation systems, offer views of constituent groups, suggest how transit can assist with equity issues, such as homelessness, affordable housing, economic opportunity and living with disabilities, provide information regarding the customer experience of transit riders, communicate stakeholder opinions, attitudes and needs to the board, identify areas of concern and recommend changes. The committee will meet four times a year. Members will serve two two-year terms.

Other Appointments

*Only the most recent set of minutes for monthly board meetings are online. For other minutes, please contact the Clerk to the Board.