The Triangle has been one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States. Each day, 20 new residents call Durham and Orange county home. This growth remains strong and brings challenges and opportunities for both how our communities develop and how we get around.

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The goals of Durham County Transit Plan include creating an exceptional public transportation system that provides greater access for Durham residents and employers and positively affects traffic congestion and air quality while supporting local development policies. View the Durham County Transit Plan.

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Some of the projects and initiatives outlined in the plan include:

  • Increasing bus service across Durham County, provided by GoTriangle, GoDurham and other transit partners.
  • Buying vehicles to support increased bus service.
  • Adding bus facility projects such as transit stop improvements and increased accessibility.
  • Building a commuter rail system connecting Durham and Wake counties.

*Durham and Orange counties’ light rail project has been discontinued as of April 2019. The partners are working together to revise transit plans.

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Transit plans in Durham and Orange counties are strategic decisions. Exceptional public transportation can accelerate economic growth, provide congestion-free transportation alternatives and enhance job access and opportunity for residents across the income spectrum. The overarching goals for the transit plans include:

  • Improving overall mobility and transportation options.
  • Providing geographic equity.
  • Supporting improved capital facilities.
  • Encouraging transit-supportive land use.
  • Providing positive impacts on air quality.
Durham County
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2013 (April)
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