The love story on the bus continues. Now that your favorite TV series are on summer hiatus, catch up on Season Two of the mini-series “As the Bus Stops.”

The first transit-centered soap opera, “As The Bus Stops,” uses classic themes such as love, betrayal, longing stares, the impossible choice between Right and Wrong, Questions and Unexpected Answers and because it all happens on the bus, the mini-series makes this newest GoTriangle video another creative approach to learning about transit.

Fans can see the first video of the new season and all the rest at:

“We had fun with our first year and have expanded the themes that highlight the benefits of using transit in the Triangle and how to use the Emergency Ride Home program on those days that the unexpected happens,” said Lauren Parker, Marketing Manager for GoTriangle, GoDurham, GoSmart, and the GoTransit Family of Commuter Services. “The videos communicate our many travel options and services to the general public.”

The student actors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and NC State University portray seasoned but jealous commuter Prescott Quartermain and his twin, the new to transit Alexus Covington, the (Bus on Shoulder) BOSS-y Ambrosia St. Cloud, and Erika Culpepper as the series tracks their travails with transit.

For more information contact Brad Schulz at GoTriangle at 919.485.7434 or e-mail at:


GoTriangle improves the region’s quality of life by connecting people and places with reliable, safe, and easy-to-use travel choices that reduce congestion and energy use, save money, and promote sustainability, healthier lifestyles, and a more environmentally responsible community.

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