Research Triangle Park, NC (April 9, 2019) – Following the votes of the GoTriangle Board of Trustees on March 27 and the Orange County Board of Commissioners on April 2, the Durham County Board of Commissioners voted Monday to discontinue Durham and Orange counties’ light-rail project, effectively ending the project.

Local leaders, with input from community members, now will identify, develop and implement new transit plans that use the investment from the half-cent transit-designated sales tax that voters in each county approved.

The partners in Durham and Orange counties and GoTriangle remain committed to improving transit in the Triangle and to identifying other solutions for the corridor that the 17.7-mile light-rail line would have served. GoTriangle staff members are working to determine what elements of the light-rail planning and investment can be repurposed as the counties move forward.

At the request of the counties, GoTriangle will work closely with the Federal Transit Administration to take steps needed to fully wind down the light-rail project. GoTriangle will continue proactive community engagement throughout the process.

Read more about what led to the recommendation to discontinue the project here.

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