With students from over 11 counties, the Research Triangle High School had to get creative with transportation. Running their own bus service wasn't feasible so they partnered with GoTriangle to get free GoPasses for employees and students.

Pamela Blizzard, the Managing Director of RTHS, says "We offer GoPasses to any and all employees and students to encourage them to ride the buses here instead of being one of the other cars out on I-40."

The partnership with GoTriangle has not only helped ease the high school’s transportation problem but assists with the bigger issue of traffic in the Triangle. More people on buses means fewer cars on the road.

Blizzard also believes students at the Research Triangle High School having access to the transit system helps develop independence in adolescence. At a high school that specializes in STEM learning (science, technology, engineering, and math), Blizzard knows that self-reliance is a key part of development at the students age.

One such student, Albert Huynh, takes the bus home every day to take the pressure off his parents to pick him up. The RTHS sophomore thinks taking the bus is a good option because "it's relatively quick, efficient, comfortable, the bus drivers are really nice."

Watch Albert's story in our latest #GoTogether video:



GoTriangle's GoTogether campaign inspires our community to seek viable travel options to work, school, doctor's appointments, and other important places, without driving alone in a car.

Working together, we can better connect all people in our rapidly growing region to greater opportunities. Learn more at gotogethernc.com and be sure follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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