GoTriangle creates new paths to serve transit options to underserved communities 

GoTriangle has embarked on an innovative approach to community engagement and partnerships, recognizing the challenges faced by underserved and minority communities in accessing transit services. 

A major part of making transportation options accessible is providing the tools, education and resources so that all community members know how to confidently navigate our transportation systems, says Kim Johnson, GoTriangle Commuter Programming Consultant. 

“Whether they ride the bus, bike or walk, we want them to feel comfortable and also know how to access our supportive transit services, such as the call center at 919-485-RIDE and microtransit,” she says.   

Here are a few ways we have worked towards this achievement in Wake, Durham, and Orange counties:  

  • Hiring a Spanish-language speaker, Nahu Palacios, to our Sustainable Travel Department in May.  

  • Directly engaging with the community, advocacy groups and grassroots organizations at community events with Transportation Demand Management partners, such as Bikes and Kites Day with the Town of Chapel Hill.  

  • Attending the 18th Annual North Carolina Juneteenth Celebration in Durham to spread news about transit options. 

  • Collaborating with Wake County Habitat for Humanity to reach Habitat Homeowners across Wake County to help reduce the expense of transit in for households.   

In FY2023, the GoPerks incentive program – which rewards green commuters with gift cards from small, local businesses – expanded its objectives by aiming to allocate 50 percent of incentives towards purchases from minority- and women-owned businesses. 

“We have dedicated our efforts to making sure the businesses represented in GoPerks also represent the community as a whole by purposefully seeking women- and minority-owned businesses to promote in the program,” Johnson says. “Since 2020, more than 50 percent of the prizes and businesses represented in GoPerks drawings have met this inclusion goal.” 

Above, GoTriangle employee shares information on public transit and services at the 18th Annual North Carolina Juneteenth Celebration in Durham.   

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