MARCH 22, 2020 -- Effective Monday, March 23, GoTriangle will suspend all fare collections and ask all riders who are able to enter and exit through the rear doors of buses in an effort to support social distancing and reduce contact with frequently touched surfaces such as fare boxes. GoTriangle ACCESS rides also will be free.


Exceptions will be made for riders who need to use the door nearest the bus operator for wheelchairs, strollers for infants or other mobility devices. Also, riders will not be allowed to stand on or near the standee line on the bus floor near the driver.


GoTriangle is taking these actions to reduce the risks posed by the coronavirus, or COVID-19, in accordance with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Public Safety, the governor’s office and local health departments.

“The health and safety of our employees and customers during this emergency situation are paramount, and we are working to balance that conviction with the fact that GoTriangle is a critical transportation service for our community, especially during this emergency,” said Shelley Blake Curran, GoTriangle’s interim president and CEO. “GoTriangle is asking that everyone listen to the public health professionals and stay home if your trip is not essential.”

Because GoTriangle transports health care workers, care providers at senior living facilities, people in need of medicine and many others who are vulnerable or care for people who are vulnerable, the agency also is evaluating what level of service to continue providing, Curran said.

For those who have to travel, regular hand-washing and social-distancing are essential.

GoTriangle continues to use a fogger that administers a disinfectant throughout buses and sanitizes the rails, seats and other high-touch areas every day. Many of our buses are cleaned twice a day between the morning and evening peak-hour runs.

GoTriangle also has hand sanitizer available on every bus,

Please check for updates.

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