Statement regarding Orange and Durham counties' light-rail project

Research Triangle Park, NC (Feb. 27, 2019) – Early Wednesday GoTriangle received a letter from Duke University stating that it will not sign a cooperative agreement needed for the light-rail project.

For more than a decade, and more intensely over the past year, GoTriangle and local elected officials have worked closely with the university to address concerns so Duke’s action today is especially disappointing. This is a major setback for the Durham and Orange county communities and the entire Triangle region. GoTriangle will work with the elected officials in Durham and Orange counties and the Federal Transit Administration to assess all available options and decide upon a course of action.

Additionally, GoTriangle received a letter from the state-owned North Carolina Railroad toward the end of the Board of Trustees’ regular monthly meeting today. We will be carefully reviewing the letter and assessing potential impacts on the project.​

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