Over the past several weeks, GoTriangle and supporters of the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project have worked to seek a solution to the $500,000 state funding cap for light rail projects that was placed in the state budget. 

While efforts to remove the cap were not entirely successful during the regular session, the State House passed an amendment to remove the cap and restore funding programmed for the project through the data driven Strategic Transportation Investments law.  The amendment to Senate Bill 605 passed with strong support, and the bill is eligible for consideration in the short session that will convene next spring. 

We remain confident that the funding cap will be addressed in the future, and are grateful for the support we have received for the project.  We continue to believe the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project provides the best transportation solution for the Durham to Chapel Hill corridor.    

For more information, contact Brad Schulz, Communications Officer at 919-485-7434 or bschulz@gotriangle.org

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