Bus Stop Improvements

GoTriangle is committed to providing a safe and comfortable customer experience at the bus stop. We are working to improve the customer experience through: 

  • Locating bus stops in safe locations where people need them.
  • Providing clean and well-maintained bus stops and shelters.
  • Installing more bus stop amenities such as shelters, benches and trash cans.

GoTriangle and GoDurham are working to improve the customer experience by installing more amenities at bus stops. The Better Bus Stops program is the City of Durham’s process to determine where new bus stop amenities will be installed and establishes a vision for bus stop improvements that reflects the values and priorities of the Durham community. We want to make sure that the bus stop improvements address the most critical community needs and that the investments match the values of the community.

Bus stop improvements are funded through a one-half cent local sales tax with additional federal and/or state support. Bus stop improvements were identified as a need in the Durham County Bus and Rail Investment Plan that was approved by Durham County voters in November 2011.

The Better Bus Stops program is still under development, with an anticipated final approval coming in the fall of 2018. We will soon be conducting more public outreach to hear from you, our users. Your input will help prioritize where new bus stop features will go.

Recent Updates

In December 2017, GoTriangle announced that it would be using grant money from the Federal Transit Administration to add Simme-Seat benches to 25 GoTriangle bus stops. Learn more here.

Under the Better Bus Stops program, 21 stops were identified to add improvements:

1943 | Durham Dr at Realm Dr NB    

1944 | Durham Dr at Realm Dr SB

5280 | Main at Dillard EB

5337 | Lakewood Ave at Heritage Square

5394 | Chapel Hill Rd at Palmer St

5412 | Hinson Dr - Red Oak

5447 | Chapel Hill Rd at Dean St

5484 | Chapel Hill St at Underwood Ave

5525 | Hinson Dr - Red Oak

5606 | Pacific at Roxboro EB

5793 | Fayetteville Rd at Crooked Creek Pkwy

6114 | Guess Rd at Lamar St

6292 | Walmart Glenview Station - Shopping Center    

6330 | Lakewood Ave at Fayetteville Rd

6333 | American Dr at Constitution Dr    

6347 | Taylor St at Holton St (outbound)

6390 | Main St at Iredell St, Ninth Street District Stop 27 WB

6551 | Morreene Rd at Glasson St    

6620 | Garrett Rd at Oak Creek Apts

6624 | Pacific at Roxboro WB

6661 | S Dillard St at Durham Public Health


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