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General Videos

Video is a large part of storytelling at GoTriangle. Our videos hope to encourage Triangle residents to try the bus, take a carpool or explore by bike and showcase our community's investment in the future of transit. 


The HeartBrakers Series

Breakups are hard. Don't let a bad relationship hold you down any longer. It's time to break up with your car.


Youth GoPass

To make it easier for young folks to get to schools or jobs, to parks or plays or to movies or malls, area transit agencies are banding together to allow everyone 18 and younger to ride buses free. 




Sometimes our operators go above and beyond their duties to help their community and we love to celebrate them! Share your #GoBeyond story with us on social media!



Webinars & Live Events

Educating the public on the transit options in the Triangle is part of our mission.




GoTriangle's GoTogether campaign inspires our community to seek viable travel options to work, school, doctor's appointments and other important places, without driving alone in a car. Working together, we can better connect all people in our rapidly growing region to greater opportunities.


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